The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy defines true heritage turkeys with the following criteria: 1) Naturally mating; 2) Long productive outdoor lifespan; 3) Slow growth rate. 

2011 Heritage Turkey Project

This Thanksgiving enjoy a local turkey so exceptional, that it can be found on Slow Food's Ark of Taste.  Since 2009, Slow Food WISE has offered an annual list of farmers raising heritage breed turkeys to encourage eaters to help save endangered (and delicious) breeds.


The mission of the Slow Food WiSE Heritage Turkey Project is to promote the restoration of heritage breed turkeys within our region by pairing farmers with eaters.  As opposed to the Broad Breasted White turkey that dominates our industrial food system and tables, heritage breeds such as the Narragansett, Bourbon Red, and Blue Slate have varying foraging, tending and eating characteristics.  



The following is a partial list of farms offering heritage turkeys in 2011.  If you know of others that should be added to our list or are interested in helping this or other biodiversity projects grow, contact Jennifer at Please contact the farms directly for ordering and pricing information.  


Country Haven Farm

American Bronze Heritage Turkeys

Anna and Chuck Maenner

Waterloo, WI  

Contact Anna and Chuck for order information: (920) 253-8515

See for details. 


JenEhr Family Farm

American Bronze Heritage Turkeys

Sun Prairie, WI

See for ordering details.  


Ruesegger Farms

American Bronze Heritage Turkeys

Ken & Sherrie Ruegsegger  

Blanchardville, WI

See for details.   


Vintage Hobby Farm 

Standard Bronze Heritage Turkeys

Jennifer Martinez

East Troy, WI

Contact Jennifer at 262-853-9168 to order.  

See for details. 


Green Earth Farm

Scott and Kathy Mor

Richmond, IL 

Place orders at  or 815-351-6357.

See for details. 

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